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Welcome to EZ Pediatric Speech Therapy

Can your child ACE effective communication?

Articulate ( The ability to pronounce sounds in words correctly)

Comprehend ( Understand what is being said to her/him)

Express ( Use as many words as his peers when speaking)

Children with deficits in the area of speech and language often face academic challenges. Children who have inadequate speech/language skills may experience limited progress in all academic areas Math, Writing, and Reading.

At EZ Pediatric Therapy Inc, our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists are professionals who treat all types of speech and language disorders in children from newborns to adolescents; however our speciality is early intervention for children 3-5 years old. Sessions may be group or individualized. If we find deficits beyond our scope of practice we provide our patients with appropriate referrals to other health care professionals to accurately evaluate and treat the whole child. Some services may include Austism, ADHD, OHI, Hearing, Vision l


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